B Pharmacy 1st Semester Notes PDF Free

In this post, I have given you the download links of the Handwritten and Standard Notes of the B Pharmacy 1st semester 2024. B Pharmacy First Semester has the main 5 Theory Subjects per PCI First Semester Syllabus.

Download B Pharmacy 1st Semester All Subjects Notes Free

You can download B Pharmacy 1st semester notes of all subjects by clicking on the download link given below.

1. Human Anatomy and Physiology-1 Notes

Human anatomy and Physiology-1 helps to understand the structure of the human body, various systems in the body, and their functions.

2. Pharmaceutical Analysis Notes


Pharmaceutical Analysis focuses on the basics of analytical chemistry, as well as the fundamentals of Electro-chemical analysis of drugs.

3. Pharmaceutics Notes


Pharmaceutics is designed to provide an understanding of the preparatory pharmacy, combining the scientific and artistic methods of making the dosage forms that are commonly used.

4. Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes


Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry focuses on the monographs of inorganic drugs and pharmaceuticals.

5. Communication skills Notes


This course will help young pharmacy students to communicate effectively with nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and other health professionals. After this course, the student will acquire the soft skills to collaborate with the group as a team player and enhance the value of the pharmacy business.

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