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Hello friends, in this post I have shared an overview and download links of notes of Pharmaceutical Analysis (BP102T) according to the PCI syllabus for B Pharm 1st Semester.


Pharmaceutical Analysis is a crucial subject in the first semester of the B Pharm course, and these notes are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in analytical chemistry and the principles of electrochemical analysis of drugs.

To make studying easier, we have provided two types of notes – Handwritten and Standard – to cater to different learning styles. The Handwritten notes provide a personal touch, while the Standard notes are more organized and professional. The notes are organized into 5 units, which are covered in great detail.

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To access these notes pdf free, simply click on the download buttons below the names of the units.


  • The definition and scope of pharmaceutical analysis, various techniques of analysis, methods for expressing concentration, primary and secondary standards, preparation and standardization of molar and normal solutions, sources and types of errors, and techniques for minimizing errors in pharmaceuticals.
  • The role of pharmacopoeia and common impurities in pharmaceuticals.


  • Theories, classification, and neutralization curves of acid-base titration.
  • Non-aqueous titration, including solvents, acidimetry, and alkalimetry.
  • Estimation of Sodium benzoate and Ephedrine HCl.


  • Precipitation titrations, including Mohr’s method, Volhard’s, Modified Volhard’s, Fajans method, and estimation of sodium chloride.
  • Complexometric titration, including classification, metal ion indicators, masking and demasking reagents, and estimation of Magnesium sulphate and calcium gluconate.
  • Gravimetry, including principle, steps involved, and estimation of barium sulphate.
  • Diazotisation titration, including basic principles, methods, and application.


  • Redox titrations, including concepts of oxidation and reduction, types of redox titrations (Cerimetry, Iodimetry, Iodometry, Bromatometry, Dichrometry, Titration with potassium iodate).
  • Electrochemical methods of analysis, including conductometry, potentiometry, and polarography.
  • Conductometry, including introduction, conductivity cell, conductometric titrations, and applications.
  • Potentiometry, including electrochemical cell, construction and working of reference and indicator electrodes, methods to determine endpoint of potentiometric titration, and applications.
  • Polarography, including principle, Ilkovic equation, construction and working of dropping mercury electrode and rotating platinum electrode, and applications.

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