B Pharmacy 5th Semester Notes PDFs Free

In this post, I have given you the download links of the Handwritten and Standard Notes of the B Pharmacy 5th semester 2024. B Pharmacy fifth Semester has the main 5 Theory Subjects per PCI 5th Semester Syllabus.

Download B Pharmacy 5th Semester All Subjects Notes Free

You can download B Pharmacy 5th semester notes of all subjects by clicking on the download links given below.

Medicinal Chemistry-2

Medicinal Chemistry-2 is intended to provide fundamental knowledge about drug structure, chemistry, and therapeutic value. This subject focuses on the structure-activity relationships, the importance of physicochemical property, and the metabolism of drugs. The syllabus also focuses on the chemical synthesis of essential drugs for each class. – Download Here

Industrial Pharmacy-1

Industrial Pharmacy-1 allows students to learn about and understand the impact of pharmaceutical additives on drug performance. – Download Here


Pharmacology-2 aims to provide fundamental knowledge about various aspects (classification of drug mechanisms, therapeutic effects, clinical uses, and side effects) of drugs that act on different body parts. It also emphasizes the basics of bioassay. – Download Here

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-2

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-2 will teach students how secondary metabolites in crude drugs are made and how to identify, isolate, and manufacture them industrially. This subject also covers the production of plants and phytochemicals using plant tissue culture, and it also includes drug interactions and the basic principles of traditional medicine. – Download Here

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence aims to provide basic knowledge about vital legislation in India for the pharmacy profession. – Download Here

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