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Hello, dear visitors, within this post I’ve provided an overview of the subject & links to download notes on Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 (BP202T) according to the PCI syllabus for B Pharm 2nd Semester 2023.


In the notes on Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1, we’ve provided two kinds of notes including Handwritten notes and Standard notes.

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 notes focus on the nomenclature and classification of organic compounds that are simple and structural isomerism intermediates in reaction and important property properties of physical substances, the reactions, and methods to prepare these substances. The course also focuses on the mechanism and direction of reactions.

Friends In the Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 1 as per the syllabus copy of PCI B Pharm 2nd semester, there are a total of 6 chapters in this subject.

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Nomenclature and Classification & isomerism Classification of Organic Compounds Common & IUPAC nomenclature for organic substances (up 10-carbons open-chain & carbohydrates) Its isomerism of the structural kind have been discovered in organic compounds.


Alkenes and Alkanes and Conjugated Dienes SP3 hybridization alkanes, the alkanes’ halogenation, & the use of paraffin. The stability of alkenes in SP2 & hybridization alkenes. & The E2 reaction. The Reactivity & kinetics of alkyl halides & the alteration of carbocations Saytzeffs direction & the proofs. E1 reactions as opposed to E2 reactions. elements that influence the E1 reaction. & Along with the E2 reaction. Ozonolysis is an electrophilic reaction of alkenes & Markownikoff’s orientation, along with alkene free radical reaction to improve it, & also the opposite of Markownikoff’s inclination.

Conjugated Dines Instability Electrophilic combination Diel-Alder free radical reaction with conjugated dines reactions of rearrangements of the allylic


Alkyl Halides- SN1 as well as SN2 reaction kinetics, & how reactivity is arranged of alkyl halides, as well as stereochemistry. Carbocations are altered.

SN1 as well as SN2 reactions & other elements that affect SN1 or SN2 reactions, as well as SN2 reactions.

The structure & applications of chloroform & ethyl chlorine Dichloromethane & Tetrachloroethylene along with the tetrachloromethane & Iodoform.

Tests on alcohols: Qualitative & the structure of Ethyl alcohol Methyl alcohol chloro butanol, Alcohol-Benzyl Alcohol-Glycerol-Propylene glycol


A carbonyl-containing substance (Aldehydes & ketones) Nucleophilic Condensation, Electrometric Effect of aldol crossed Aldol condensation Cannizzaro reaction-crossed Cannizzaro Reaction-Benzoin condensation & Perkin Condensation tests that are qualitative. structure, & uses of Formaldehyde paraldehyde Acetone, Chloral Hydrate, Hexamine, Benzaldehyde, Vanillin, and Cinnamaldehyde.


Carboxylic acids the acidity of carboxylic acid & the effect of substituents on acidity’s effects inductive & qualitative effects are the subject of a test of the carboxylic acid esters as well amide Structure & its applications for Acetic acid. Acidic acid is lactic acid. Succinic acid. Oxalic Acid Salicylic Acid Benzoic Acid Benzyl benzoate, dimethyl phthalate, Methyl salicylate, & Acetylsalicylic acid

The fundamentality of amines has an aliphatic structure as well as the effect of substituents on the fundamentality. Tests of Qualitative Structure structures, & applications for Ethanolamine Ethylenediamine Amphetamine

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