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Hello friends, in this post I have shared an overview and download links of notes of Physical Pharmaceutics 2 (BP403T) according to the PCI syllabus for B Pharm 4th Semester 2023.


In the notes of Physical Pharmaceutics 2, we have given two types of notes namely Handwritten notes and Standard notes.

Physical Pharmaceutics 2 notes deal with the diverse physical and physicochemical properties and the underlying principles of dosage forms and formulations. Practical and theoretical aspects of the course help students gain more understanding of various aspects of formulation development research and stability and stability studies of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Friends In the Physical Pharmaceutics 2 as per the syllabus copy of PCI B Pharm 4th semester, there are a total of 5 units in this subject.

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In the Physical Pharmaceutics 2 Notes Pdfs, the following chapters are explained in detail.


Colloidal dispersions: classification of dispersed systems and their general characteristics dimensions and forms of colloidal particles. classification of colloids and the comparative study of their common properties. The kinetic, optical, and electrical properties. The effect on electrolytes and coacervation protection and peptization.


The science of Rheology: Newtonian system, flow law, Kinematic Viscosity the impact of temperature non-Newtonian systems, pseudoplastic dilatant plastic, thixotropy formulating thixotropy, determination of viscosity, capillary falling Spheres, rotational viscometers

Deformation of solids: Deformations that are elastic and plastic, Heckel equation Stress, Strain, Elastic Modulus


Coarse dispersion: Suspension of the interfacial characteristics of the suspended particle, the settling of suspensions formulating flocculated as well as deflocculated suspensions. Emulsions as well as theories for emulsification microemulsions and multiple Emulsions, Stability of Emulsions and preservation of emulsions the rheological properties emulsions exhibit, and formulation of emulsions using the HLB method.


Micromeritics: Size as well as distribution. Mean size number, weight distribution, the number of particles methods to determine the particle’s size using different methods, including counting and separation methods, the particle shape, particular surfaces, methods to determine the surface area and permeability, as well as adsorption particles’ derived properties porosity, packing arrangement density, bulkiness and flow properties.


Drug stability: Reaction kinetics: Zero or pseudo-zero, first and second order, units of fundamental rate constants, and the determination of reaction order. Chemical and physical factors that influence the degradation of chemical components in pharmaceutical products such as temperature and solvent, dielectric constant, ionic strength specific, and general acid-base catalysis. Simple numerical problems. Stabilization of medicinal products against common reactions such as oxygenation and hydrolysis. Accelerated stability tests in expiration dates of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Photolytic degradation and elimination

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